August 28 Update: I guess you have already seen the photos on magicseaweed… of not, here’s a nice link.

anyway, puerto is coming to an end, which mean a lot of good stuff are about to come… little treasures I missed… so thats good, and whats also good is that i’m coming to a point break which I was dreaming about for a long time… been there for a couple of days and saw everything I want to film and surf… swell coming in this weekend as usual for this wonderful August 2012… so…


Jensen Hassett

Jensen Hassett makes the impossible all the time. He dug his rail on the drop but somehow managed to get out of it. You could hear the roar at the beach when he almost fell, which, in a fraction of a second changed to “ahhhhhwwwoooooo” of relief. MSW Photo of the Day, August 22, 2012

Here is the updated Puerto Escondido August 2012 daily photos post. After the big swell we had a couple of rainy days for a change.. the rain kept pouring and keeping us in… until it stopped and there were some nice chocolate/poo waves..
Next days are going to be crazy. hold on.

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