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  • Billabong Pro Hilton 2015

    Billabong Pro Hilton 2015

    Here’s the highlights clip of the Billabong Pro Hilton 2015 surfing competition held in Tel-Aviv, Israel on 25 June, 2015. Enjoy with HD!

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  • Edo Minsker – Israel 2014/5

    Edo Minsker – Israel 2014/5

    Edo Minsker best waves from the last season in Israel. Film & Edit: Noam Eshel Music: Galaxie – Robot Lynx Enjoy with HD!

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  • Yoni Klein – Leftovers

    Yoni Klein – Leftovers

    I started to film Yoni exactly one year ago, and now it’s time to clean up some old and new footage and get ready […]

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  • Maldives Teaser

    Maldives Teaser

    Here’s a short teaser for ‘Global Surf Adventures’ surfing trips to the Maldives islands. For more info

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  • Billabong Up North 2015 Video

    Billabong Up North 2015 Video

    It was the best day I have ever seen in Israel… on the morning of January 14, 2015, not many people believed that day […]

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  • Teaser: Billabong Up North

    Teaser: Billabong Up North

    One of the best days I’ve seen in Israel! Here’s the teaser for the full highlights clip coming very soon..

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  • Maldives Jam: Edo Minsker

    Maldives Jam: Edo Minsker

    Here is Edo Minsker edit from the Maldives.. the guy rips and got tons of style! Thanks Edo for taking me to this awesome […]

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  • Philippines: Interlude

    Philippines: Interlude

    Here is the first part of Kiril Shchegolsky Philippines video we edited together.. so happy that I got a chance to work with his […]

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  • Moroccan Visions: This is Not Surf Video

    Moroccan Visions: This is Not Surf Video

    Cleaning up footage from last year’s trip to Morocco – this is not a surf video, just a simple edit of moments that captured […]

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  • KOSHER SLAUGHTER ≈ שְׁחִיטָה כְּשֵׁרָה

    KOSHER SLAUGHTER ≈ שְׁחִיטָה כְּשֵׁרָה

    After a bad summer for waves in the Mediterranean, Yoni Klein, one of Israel’s top surfers satisfied his hunger for good waves on a […]

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